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Do I need Septikos®?

  1. Does your septic tank stink?
  2. Do you have to pump your tank frequently?
  3. Do you experience problems with drainage?
  4. Does your yard look like this?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Septikos® can help for as little as $10.00 per month!

Your septic system is an onsite wastewater treatment facility

How a Septic System Works

A septic system works to take all the waste people put in and break it down until clean, pure water flows out into the ground in an area called the leach field. The purity of the water that leaves the system (the effluent) is important because it becomes part of the environment, ultimately affecting plants, animals and humans.

A typical septic system works with the pipes that lead from the home, the septic tank, and the leach field. Fluids flow from the house to the septic tank where naturally occurring bacteria consume the human waste with end products being water, gases and solids. The solid material that the bacteria cannot digest is also known as sludge.

A normal septic system can work properly for many years, needing only occasional pumping to remove the buildup of solids on the bottom of the septic tank. However, every area of the septic system can become problematic if conditions are right.

The two critical factors impacting how well septic systems work are whether or not there is a healthy septic bacteria population and how good the septic flow is.

Ill-functioning System

As you can imagine, an improperly functioning system can be an inconvenience. It can also be hazardous. If your system is not functioning well, it can expose you, your family, pets and livestock to viruses and diseases, including E. Coli. Additionally, families who have septic systems often have wells for drinking water or public utilities. Runoff from a malfunctioning septic system can pollute not only your land but the water you drink. Septikos® helps your system function at its optimal level, saving you time and money. Most importantly, keeping your family safe!

Septikos® addresses every area above – pipes, tank, drainfield, soil and groundwater – improving the effectiveness and the safety of your system.

Using Septikos® will:

  • Destroy harmful and odor-producing microorganisms
  • Breakdown buildup in pipes
  • Breakdown sludge in the septic tank
  • Facilitate more thorough degradation of wastes that enter the system
  • Breakdown buildup in leach or drain fields
  • Increase efficiency of your tank naturally

Frequently Asked Questions About Septikos
How Septikos Works in Your Septic System

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